All You Need to Know: WordPress Multisite

Important Terms

Site – One website running wordpress

Network – Group of Sites

Multisite – Group of sites that use same wordpress Install simultaneously.

Why do we need multisite?

This is normally for people who run multiple sites on wordpress.

  1. Superadmin can login in once and manage all sites together
  2. Themes and Plugins are stored once. This saves lot of space. All themes & plugins can be updated from one place.
  3. Share users across sites
  4. Important use cases & Examples
    1. Single person managing network of blogs/websites
    2. Set up a network that allows others to create their own sites
    3. Eg of business that need multisite:
      1. News sites that require dedicated site for each topic
      2. Large businesses that require dedicated site for each business vertical
      3. Dedicated site for each Franchise chain location
      4. Dedicated site for each department in university/school
    4. Real life examples
      1. Newyork times

Cases where there is no need (or not posible) to use  multisite

  1. Running site in different languages
  2. When sites are on different hosts
  3. Giving subsites their own IP/database
  4. Running staging, developmental or main sites of different clients by web developers


  1. Security – If you get hacked, all sites are vunerable
  2. Point of failure – if main install breaks all sites get affected
  3. Admins have reduced capability
  4. Multisite has server requirements that are not provided by ll hosts

Service Providers for multisite

  1. ManageWP
  2. InfiniteWP
  3. Jetpack Manage


WordPress: Single Site Vs Multisite

Differences in Dashboard

New Dashboard for Super Admin: Role above admin only found on multisite with special permissions to

  1. Download & Install Theme
  2. Download, Install & Manage plugins
  3. Add new site

Difference in file structure

  1. wp-config file is different
  2. Separate folders on uploads directory to manage files for different sites withing the multi-site network

Difference in Database

It has separate tables for each site so content could be different

Getting Started with WordPress Multisite

Organizational Structure for WordPress Multisite Setup

The multi site network can be set in 2 different ways.

  1. Sub Directory Organization Structure: The sub sites reside on folder inside the root folder eg.
  2. Sub Domain Organizational Structure: The sub sites resides on the sub domain eg.


Steps for Setting up WordPress Multisite

View Our Video to See Step by Step Guide to Setting up WordPress Multisite

  • Video 1 – Setup MultiSite on a new Site
  • Video 2 – Setup Multisite on Existing Site

More to Come.

    1. Installing themes & plugins on wordpress Multisite
    2. Managing Themes on multisite install
    3. Plugin Management on Multisite Setup
    4. Updating components of WordPress Multi Site
    5. Network settings
    1. Multisite enhancements
    2. WordPress MU domain mapping
    3. User Role Editor
    4. User Switch
    5. WP Migrate DB Pro
    6. Yoast SEO
    7. WP Super Cache

Final Thoughts

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