Website And Brand Optimization For an IT Company

Website and Brand optimization for IT company

Website and Brand Optimization for an IT Company

Optimizing the navigation menu.

We improved the UX, since it took extra clicks from the user’s side to see what the website has. On the new menu, the user can see the offerings of the company in one glance.


Improved HTML to Text Ratio

We improved the content on the main page as the html to text ratio was very low.


Implemented Content Marketing

As this was an IT company, we helped them post more content on a regular basis – about their new offerings, technology news, latest news in the IT field, how it is to work with them etc.


Social Media

We helped them fix their Facebook page as many links to the site were leading to a ‘The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”  message on Facebook.


Improved blog on the site

There was a blog on the site, but there were only 3 articles. They also didn’t mention the date or the name of the author. As per Google’s standards, articles need to be written by influencers or experts in the subject. We ensured that the articles are written by knowledgeable people and added their profiles along with the articles.

Improved Blog Frequency

To improve search engine rankings, we set up a schedule such that we add at least 3 new articles per week.


Add social links in the Blogs

We modified the blog to have social media sharing options (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, G+) below the article, so that people could share what they like on their own pages. This brought in more traffic and increased the credibility of the site.

Automation for social media management

We used social media managing tools to schedule articles/blog posts consistently across different social media platforms and get new followers on regular basis across the different platforms.


Created a professional-looking company profile

People often check the social media pages and the website of a company before dealing with them – either as clients or as employees. If there’s no action happening anywhere, it creates an impression that the company is not doing much business. People may think twice before associating with such a company. Though this IT company was launched in 2004, the online company profile showed that it had less than 10 employees, but in reality, they had more than 50 employees. This was leading to a lack of trust among prospective employees and clients. We created an improved online profile for the company with correct data.


Created a unique Brand Name

As the company name also belonged to another bigger company, it was causing confusion among prospective clients and employees. Therefore, it was important to establish this company as a genuine brand.


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