Ecommerce Store Optimization- Case study

Ecommerce Store Optimization

ECommerce Website Optimization by Inbits.

We have worked with a client who owns an eCommerce website. We performed eCommerce website optimization by implementing the following:

Establishing authenticity:

An eCommerce website comes under the YMYL (Your Money-Your Life) category. As per Google guidelines for YMYL pages, shopping sites should have an ‘About Us’ page and a ‘Customer Service’ section clearly giving physical address and phone number to establish authenticity. The older version of the website didn’t have this information, therefore we suggested that this information be added.


Inbits developed the return policies, cancellation policies, terms and conditions to be mentioned on the home page to gain customer confidence.


We installed an SSL certificate which is essential for a shopping page which collects credit card information.

Site navigation:

Previous navigation links on the website were not very user-friendly, therefore Inbits optimized the links for users to navigate to the most used pages.

Website revamp:

We completely revamped the site design to make it look more modern. We added a clear menu on top, giving different categories of apparel.

Member registration:

In order to let users register as regular shoppers, we added a sign up/login section. This helped our client in sending email newsletters regularly with new collections and discount offers, ensure loyalty and bring more traffic.

Social media and Blog:

We improved the website’s social media presence and started a fashion blog on the site as content marketing tool. The blog included pictures of work wear, party wear, college wear, accessories etc. It explains how to mix and match different colors and prints, what looks good and what looks bad, which helps customers dress smart. We added links to the relevant shopping pages on the blog post. After we set up the blog, we launched a Facebook campaign. We have targeted women, predominantly  and have received very good response.

We have set up a regular Facebook schedule to post at least 2-3 messages a week and keep the page active.

Guest blogging:

We invited customers to submit blog posts for dress ideas and gave away discount coupons in return. This has helped giving them a sense of belonging and builds a loyal online community.

Email marketing:

Inbits launched the email marketing program by which we send discount coupons to regular shoppers through email. This has increased traffic to the website because it entices users to click the email links to see what’s in there. We have also created an email newsletter schedule to send the blog articles are being to the registered members and keep them engaged with latest information in the world of fashion.