Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Creation

How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign?

successful crowdfunding campaign

If you are on this page, we are assuming you are already familiar with the concept of crowdfunding and are looking forward to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. So we will not make it boring by giving you the basics. Neither will we allure you with a flashy websites. We keep it simple here to give you PURE INFORMATION that you can act on. Here is a list of things you will get to learn from this blog series.

  1. What are the major drawbacks of crowdfunding campaign you should consider before you even start.
  2. Creating homepage for a crowdfunding campaign for cheap – $10 or less for the entire year with your own hosting & domain name.
  3. How crowd psychology works in crowdfunding – understand what people think and how to say what they want to hear.
  4. Which crowdfunding platform to use – there are, like 15 platforms and the best platform kick-starter may not be the best for you.
  5. What to include in a crowdfunding campaign pitch – 10 points that must be included and 10 points that don’t need to be in the pitch.
  6. How to make videos for cheap for your campaign at $0 + your some of your time.
  7. How to set the rewards for a crowdfunding campaign so people are motivated to contribute and what price denomination these should be.
  8. Amount to set aside for crowdfunding campaign and the duration of the campaign.
  9. How to use Social media to create buzz about your campaign.
    1. What platforms to use.
    2. What to share
    3. How often to share

What do you get?

  • 9 lessons high on information low on BS. We never fill the paid content with any information that is not actionable. Each line is an action for you to take.
  • Once you use the information to create your campaign, you can avail the following before going live
    • 1 consultation to discuss any questions you may have
    • 1 complete check of you campaign for weaknesses


What is the price?

Well the answer is simple, think about the questions raised above. Do you have similar questions? How badly you want them answered? We let you decide how much you want to pay for it. However, there is minimum $5 charge since we are assuming you will bookmark the content and visit is again and again. In order to keep the website up and running we need to take care of bare minimum expenses, hope you can understand that.

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