Optimizing Business Through BPO for Small Businesses

Optimizing Business through BPO for small businesses

InbitsCo was started to provide services to small business and to help them delegate their business process via the internet. We only work with businesses which have less than 20 employees. If you are one of those, you may continue to read.

One Point of communication

We make it easier for you, because you only have to stay in touch with one person. You will have a dedicated project manager for all your business tasks that you want to outsource.

Multiple services under one roof!

We have a dedicated team that is capable of managing projects and tasks from multiple areas. Our team consists of members from diverse backgrounds and the skill set of our team includes: BPO for small businesses by InbitsCo

Our simple cost models

Fixed cost Model – If the scope of a project is precisely defined and does not have any external dependencies, we can define a straightforward timeline and completion costs. If you have a one-off project, this cost model would be ideal for you.
Dedicated Resource Model – If you have a project with open-ended scope of work which requires iterative or incremental development, we will allocate a dedicated resource to your project. This is best suited for “Proof of Concept” based projects and you will be billed a fixed price for each resource on a monthly basis.
Hourly Model – This model is suitable for projects that have a clear scope, but for which effort cannot be estimated. For these projects, you are charged based on the actual amount of time and effort spent by our development team.

How do we work?

We utilize the latest and mostly free collaboration tools to achieve this and keep the costs very low for our clients.
  • Google docs for data collaboration
  • Asana For tasks Management
  • Paypal or bitcoin for making and receiving payments
  • Skype for communication