Our Online Writing Service Experience and Tips for Budding Writers

 Our Online Writing Service Experience & Tips for Budding Writers

Online Writing Service

Want to make a living writing? Here’s what you need to know to start an online writing business.

Most common mistakes writers make

  1. Settling For a low price – 1-3 cents/word is very low and you will not attract premium clients
  2. One Rate for multiple projects – don’t get yourself locked in for a low price for large number of projects


Setting Rates

  1. Write down the number of words you can comfortably write and proofread in one hour and your current hourly rate.
  2. Eg: 300 words = 1 hour. If your rate is 15$/hour, this will come out to be 5c/word.
  3. Now double that price to 10c/word and for your first clients, offer a lower price by offering a discount.
  4. Never offer a lower price, only give discounts for a limited period.
  5. Offer dollar amount discounts and not percentage based.

Language and style

  • Keep your writing at least at the 8th Grade level.
  • To improve writing do the following
    1. Write in friendly conversational tone as most readers will be casual online audiences
    2. Use descriptive adjectives & verbs
    3. Spend one hour a day reading top blogger posts on problogger & copyblogger
    4. Write, write, write. Start with 500 words a day and increase it by 10% every month.
      • First month – 500 words/day
      • Second month – 550 words/day
      • Third month – 605 words/ day and so on..
    5. Buy a copy of Elements of Style by Strunk & White, read it and practice it



  • 15-30 Focused Hours/week = 10,000 – 20,000 words projects. Focused hour implies that you can only work on your writing related work and nothing else.
    1. Use time tracking software like rescue time to set productivity goals.
    2. Leechblock can help you block distracting websites.
    3. Try to use the computer without internet to avoid distractions.
    4. Go to place with no wifi/cell service for more productivity
    5. Read more on time management here.

Work management for big writing tasks

  1. Do a preliminary research and jot down the topic you want to cover in current project
  2. Save research documents in offline mode
  3. Before starting any writing task break the big work into chapters further break the chapters into 3-4 sections
  4. Chapter will be 1000-2000 words
  5. Section will be 250 – 500 words

Online Promotion – Finding Clients

  1. Make a list if website your potential clients visit. Make long helpful comments . Dont Spam. 1 comment/day is sufficient.
  2. Sign Up for forums your clients are part of – Again only post well thought out 5-10 posts per week
  3. Look for Guest blogging opportunities (Become an inbits Guest Blogger)
  4. Freelancing sites are hard work – Odesk, Upwork, freelancer Elance have large number of opportunities but remember the following
    1. Make a list of all the projects you bid on.
    2. Keep an eye out on the ratio of total bid you made, number of project closed by client without awarding to anyone, number of project awarded in total, number of clients initiated a conversation with you and finally the number of clients actually closed by you.


How to find projects if you are not an expert

  • Look for projects that you will like to learn more on. This will solve 2 problems. One – you will be able to learn on something you always wanted to. Secondly, you will get paid to do so.


Set up a writing business website

  1. Simple website with basic pages – about, service list, prices, testimonial & contact us page & a blog. Nowadays there is a trend to have all this on a single page. That works well as well.
  2. Testimonials – Go a forum where your clients hang out. Private message them and offer to write 400-600 word article free of cost in return of a testimonial. Get 4-5 testimonials with the permission to use the client’s image and their website link.
  3. About us – should be less about you and more about what benefits the client will have if they start a work relation with you. Kind of ironic ? About us is actually about them.
  4. Service List- This is what all is on offer. Don’t add price on this page. This will basically be what all you will be doing for the client.
  5. Price page – make a separate price page related to every service on the service list page. The price page will have the following element
    1. Price of the service
    2. Benefits the Client will get from the service
    3. Either Buy now Button to a payment gateway page (paypal)
    4. OR a contacts Us now form
  6. BLOG this will bring organic traffic to your website
    1. On weekly basis convert your daily practice writing into a 1500-2000 word blog.
    2. Make sure you polish it up and remove errors.
    3. Add some images or graphics.
    4. Include a subscribe button for readers.
    5. Add a subscribe button for clients wanting to hire you as writes.

How online writing is different from writing for print

  1. Paragraph
    1. Online Paragraph = 1-3 sentences
    2. Print Paragraph = 3-5 sentences
  2. Tone – friendly conversational style and informal (Active voice)
  3. SEO – Writing online needs to focus on SEO otherwise your article has a very low chance of being found by anyone looking for the information you are writing about. (Read More on SEO)

Website And Brand Optimization For an IT Company

Website and Brand optimization for IT company

Website and Brand Optimization for an IT Company

Optimizing the navigation menu.

We improved the UX, since it took extra clicks from the user’s side to see what the website has. On the new menu, the user can see the offerings of the company in one glance.


Improved HTML to Text Ratio

We improved the content on the main page as the html to text ratio was very low.


Implemented Content Marketing

As this was an IT company, we helped them post more content on a regular basis – about their new offerings, technology news, latest news in the IT field, how it is to work with them etc.


Social Media

We helped them fix their Facebook page as many links to the site were leading to a ‘The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”  message on Facebook.


Improved blog on the site

There was a blog on the site, but there were only 3 articles. They also didn’t mention the date or the name of the author. As per Google’s standards, articles need to be written by influencers or experts in the subject. We ensured that the articles are written by knowledgeable people and added their profiles along with the articles.

Improved Blog Frequency

To improve search engine rankings, we set up a schedule such that we add at least 3 new articles per week.


Add social links in the Blogs

We modified the blog to have social media sharing options (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, G+) below the article, so that people could share what they like on their own pages. This brought in more traffic and increased the credibility of the site.

Automation for social media management

We used social media managing tools to schedule articles/blog posts consistently across different social media platforms and get new followers on regular basis across the different platforms.


Created a professional-looking company profile

People often check the social media pages and the website of a company before dealing with them – either as clients or as employees. If there’s no action happening anywhere, it creates an impression that the company is not doing much business. People may think twice before associating with such a company. Though this IT company was launched in 2004, the online company profile showed that it had less than 10 employees, but in reality, they had more than 50 employees. This was leading to a lack of trust among prospective employees and clients. We created an improved online profile for the company with correct data.


Created a unique Brand Name

As the company name also belonged to another bigger company, it was causing confusion among prospective clients and employees. Therefore, it was important to establish this company as a genuine brand.


Ecommerce Store Optimization- Case study

Ecommerce Store Optimization

ECommerce Website Optimization by Inbits.

We have worked with a client who owns an eCommerce website. We performed eCommerce website optimization by implementing the following:

Establishing authenticity:

An eCommerce website comes under the YMYL (Your Money-Your Life) category. As per Google guidelines for YMYL pages, shopping sites should have an ‘About Us’ page and a ‘Customer Service’ section clearly giving physical address and phone number to establish authenticity. The older version of the website didn’t have this information, therefore we suggested that this information be added.


Inbits developed the return policies, cancellation policies, terms and conditions to be mentioned on the home page to gain customer confidence.


We installed an SSL certificate which is essential for a shopping page which collects credit card information.

Site navigation:

Previous navigation links on the website were not very user-friendly, therefore Inbits optimized the links for users to navigate to the most used pages.

Website revamp:

We completely revamped the site design to make it look more modern. We added a clear menu on top, giving different categories of apparel.

Member registration:

In order to let users register as regular shoppers, we added a sign up/login section. This helped our client in sending email newsletters regularly with new collections and discount offers, ensure loyalty and bring more traffic.

Social media and Blog:

We improved the website’s social media presence and started a fashion blog on the site as content marketing tool. The blog included pictures of work wear, party wear, college wear, accessories etc. It explains how to mix and match different colors and prints, what looks good and what looks bad, which helps customers dress smart. We added links to the relevant shopping pages on the blog post. After we set up the blog, we launched a Facebook campaign. We have targeted women, predominantly  and have received very good response.

We have set up a regular Facebook schedule to post at least 2-3 messages a week and keep the page active.

Guest blogging:

We invited customers to submit blog posts for dress ideas and gave away discount coupons in return. This has helped giving them a sense of belonging and builds a loyal online community.

Email marketing:

Inbits launched the email marketing program by which we send discount coupons to regular shoppers through email. This has increased traffic to the website because it entices users to click the email links to see what’s in there. We have also created an email newsletter schedule to send the blog articles are being to the registered members and keep them engaged with latest information in the world of fashion.

Create a Job Board for your Online Startup

job board for your online startup

Let us Create a Job Board for your Online Startup in 4 days!!!

Complete Features Overview

  • 3-in-1: Can be used as a Job Board / Portal, Personal One-Page Resume website or Company Profile website.
  • Standalone – Has everything it needs built-in
  • 100+ built-in fields for describing Company Profiles, Job Offers and Resumes
  • Directories with Google Maps and AJAX search for Companies, Resumes and Job Offers.
  • Faceted search with filters and refinements for Companies, Job Offers and Resumes.
  • Use the latest web technologies for an oustanding User eXperience: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, Parallax effect, Page Preloaders, etc.
  • The most extensive and detailed Resume, Company Profile and Job Offer page on the market.
  • Stripe Ready – has a instant monetization model built-in – for publishing featured resumes, jobs or company profiles
  • Testimonials for Resumes and Company profiles
  • Front-End Data Input User Interface through which the user can create and account, login, fill-in their Resume, add several Company Profiles and assign to them Job Offers.
  • Modern, Beautiful & Clean Flat Responsive Design, mobile and tablet ready.
  • Awesome Typography with customization from the backend, making use of huge Google 630+ Fonts library.
  • Retina-Ready
  • FontAwesome 480+ icons library
  • Built on the robust ReduxFramework for design customization and advanced settings from the admin area
  • Unlimited color-schemes

Job Portal Description

This is a robust 3-in-1 Jobs portal which you can use as a

1. Job Board / Portal

Easily browse, search and filter / refine 3 entities: jobs, companies and resumes. Here, companies have complex profiles and can be filtered / sorted into a companies directory. The same goes for Jobs and Resumes directories.

2. Personal Resume and

Easily use it to build a powerful and a very visual appealing one-page resume theme in which you can showcase all your skills, education, awards, career, portfolio and contact details.

3. Company Profile website.

It’s really easy to setup the theme as a company website. It’s all in – just fill the fields and set your company as the homepage of the theme and you’re done!

Homepage Optimization tips for your website

Homepage Optimization

Here, we explain some tips for Homepage Optimization of your website and how to maximize traffic.

All You need to Know: Is SEOprofiler Tool the best?

SEOProfiler tool

Thank you for visiting inbitsCO. We help businesses make the best use of online tools for improving their business. Here we outline some basics about SEOprofiler tool. It is a do-it-yourself SEO tool that will help you to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

They offer two different SEOprofiler trials:

  1. The free demo version: The free demo version enables you to take a look at all tools. Tools such as the Link Profiler show all of the data but other tools show demo information.
  2. A regular test month: If you want to get unlimited access, you can get a full SEOprofiler account for a symbolic price (available once per person).

They always limit some tools in the free demo version. The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler does much more than just checking the rankings of your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

1. Save time and get more website visitors

  • Keep track of your ranking changes & get notified when your rankings drop.
  • Monitor your competitors & create impressive reports.
  • Get easy ranking opportunities and more visitors.

The ‘Opportunities’ panel in the ranking monitor is a great feature that helps you to invest your time wisely. You will get keywords for which you easily can get first place rankings, top 3 rankings or first page rankings.

Ranking monitor video - SEOprofiler tool

2. Create impressive reports for your clients and your boss

SEOprofiler enables you to create impressive PDF reports that you can show your clients and your boss. The report are fully customizable. Your clients won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports

SEOprofiler offers many powerful tools that help you to find the best keywords for organic search engine optimization and paid search marketing.

The right keywords are the cornerstone of your success

  • Find keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Show search engines that your website is relevant to a particular topic.
  • Lower your AdWords costs by finding inexpensive keywords.

The keywords that you choose for organic SEO and paid search marketing are very important. If you choose the wrong keywords, you will waste a lot of time and money for keywords that don’t deliver paying customers.

keyword tools- SEOprofiler Tool

SEOprofiler offers many powerful keyword tools: the keyword suggestion tool, competitor keyword spy tools, the keyword difficulty tool and many keyword optimization tools. Select the keyword tools in the menu on the left: SEOprofiler > Your project > Keywords

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that detects problems on your website that can lead to bad rankings on Google and other search engines.

How does the website audit tool help you?

  • Make sure that Google can index all of your web pages.
  • Remove errors that send Google’s indexing robot away.
  • Make sure that your website visitors get the best possible experience.
  • Improve the rankings of your web pages.

The audit tool checks your web pages once per week. Then you get a report that shows all issues that should be corrected. By correcting these issues, you make sure that search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

website audit tool -SEOprofiler Tool

You can find the website audit tool in the menu on the left:

SEOprofiler > Your project > Website audit

The social inbox monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to monitor social networks for mentions of your company and your products.

Monitor social networks and protect your online reputation

Is someone talking about your company on the Internet? Are the positive or negative review about your products? The social media inbox in SEOprofiler helps you to react as quickly as possible:

Social inbox monitor video - SEOprofiler Tool

Did you ever want to spy on the ranking secrets of your competitors? The competitor spy tools in SEOprofiler make it possible.

How do the competitor spy tools help you?

  • Spy on the SEO campaigns of your competitors.
  • Benefit from their ads and keywords.

The more you know about your competitors, the better you can understand their strategies and the better you can anticipate their next moves.

SEOprofiler knows a lot about your competitors: who links to them, for which keywords do they advertise, which ads do they use, for which keywords do they have rankings, etc.

competitive intelligence - SEOprofiler Tool

We want to show you how to use SEOprofiler to get new and better backlinks to your website. Login to SEOprofiler and select ‘Link Profiler‘ or ‘Link Building’ in the menu on the left.How do the link building tools help you?

  • Get high quality links that improve the rankings of your web pages.
  • Get rid of low quality links that have a negative influence on your website rankings.
  • Spy on the backlinks of your competitors.
  • Improve the backlink structure of your web pages.

Backlinks are Google’s most important ranking factor. The better the backlinks to your site are, the higher your website will rank on Google.

link building tools - SEOprofiler Tool

SEOprofiler offers several great link building tools that help you to improve the back link structure of your website.

All You Need to Know: WordPress Multisite

Important Terms

Site – One website running wordpress

Network – Group of Sites

Multisite – Group of sites that use same wordpress Install simultaneously.

Why do we need multisite?

This is normally for people who run multiple sites on wordpress.

  1. Superadmin can login in once and manage all sites together
  2. Themes and Plugins are stored once. This saves lot of space. All themes & plugins can be updated from one place.
  3. Share users across sites
  4. Important use cases & Examples
    1. Single person managing network of blogs/websites
    2. Set up a network that allows others to create their own sites
    3. Eg of business that need multisite:
      1. News sites that require dedicated site for each topic
      2. Large businesses that require dedicated site for each business vertical
      3. Dedicated site for each Franchise chain location
      4. Dedicated site for each department in university/school
    4. Real life examples
      1. Newyork times
      2. WordPress.com

Cases where there is no need (or not posible) to use  multisite

  1. Running site in different languages
  2. When sites are on different hosts
  3. Giving subsites their own IP/database
  4. Running staging, developmental or main sites of different clients by web developers


  1. Security – If you get hacked, all sites are vunerable
  2. Point of failure – if main install breaks all sites get affected
  3. Admins have reduced capability
  4. Multisite has server requirements that are not provided by ll hosts

Service Providers for multisite

  1. ManageWP
  2. InfiniteWP
  3. Jetpack Manage


WordPress: Single Site Vs Multisite

Differences in Dashboard

New Dashboard for Super Admin: Role above admin only found on multisite with special permissions to

  1. Download & Install Theme
  2. Download, Install & Manage plugins
  3. Add new site

Difference in file structure

  1. wp-config file is different
  2. Separate folders on uploads directory to manage files for different sites withing the multi-site network

Difference in Database

It has separate tables for each site so content could be different

Getting Started with WordPress Multisite

Organizational Structure for WordPress Multisite Setup

The multi site network can be set in 2 different ways.

  1. Sub Directory Organization Structure: The sub sites reside on folder inside the root folder eg.
    1. http://example.com/site1
    2. http://example.com/site2
  2. Sub Domain Organizational Structure: The sub sites resides on the sub domain eg.
    1. http://site1.example.com
    2. http://site2.example.com


Steps for Setting up WordPress Multisite

View Our Video to See Step by Step Guide to Setting up WordPress Multisite

  • Video 1 – Setup MultiSite on a new Site
  • Video 2 – Setup Multisite on Existing Site

More to Come.

    1. Installing themes & plugins on wordpress Multisite
    2. Managing Themes on multisite install
    3. Plugin Management on Multisite Setup
    4. Updating components of WordPress Multi Site
    5. Network settings
    1. Multisite enhancements
    2. WordPress MU domain mapping
    3. User Role Editor
    4. User Switch
    5. WP Migrate DB Pro
    6. Yoast SEO
    7. WP Super Cache

Final Thoughts

inbitsCo improves digital experiences for websites and applications built on WordPress. The company’s premium services to manage wordpress and improve the performance, reliability and security of big business wordpress websites while also remaining affordable and intuitive enough for smaller businesses and individuals.

Companies of all sizes may contact [email protected] for any WP Solution. We quickly solve technical problems of all sorts.